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Customer Reviews & Stories

"I've known the owners, Chanc and Barbara for almost 5 years. I have to say you can't go wrong by picking Williams Automotive. They will go above and beyond for all of their customers. This is the only place you should ever take your car for service!"

- Ian J.

"The only time I have not used Williams Automotive is when I did not live in town. Chanc has worked on almost all of my cars from an 84 Dodge Dynasty to my Current 2011 KIA Forte. He recently completed an overhaul of my daughters 92 Pontiac. Even though she was wanting the car back, Chance would not let her have it until HE was confident it would not leave her on the side of the road. He took the time and care of her car like he would his own child. He will take time to explain everything in regular talk so you know exactly what is happening and what you are paying for. His wife Barbara is in the office greeting customers with a smile. Its nice to be treated like family and not just another customer with money."

"I just want to say thank you for all your help. You fixed my car in good time and at a great price. The staff is very friendly and answer any questions or concerns that I had. I want to let you know that if I have any more car troubles then I will gladly bring it to you. Not only that, I am recommending family and friends. Thank you for all your help and the speedy service."

- Kei-Aerea D.

"Great Place with Good People. I would recommend Williams to anyone looking for a good mechanic!"

- Charles M.

"We have been really blessed by Williams automotive. We have had several auto shops work on our vehicles and have either not been satisfied with the work or the price. We decided to try out William's Automotive and put our van in the shop. While our van was getting fixed, our Suburban went out on us. Chance took time to tow us to the shop and look at it even though it was after hours. He had the Suburban up and running for us by noon the next day. William's Automotive does superior work at a fair price. I would recommend them to anybody. They will always have my business. Thank you Chance and Barbara for operating a fair and honest business it is really refreshing."

- Mindy S.

"For somewhere between 15 and 20 years, Williams Automotive has been keeping my Ford Van running great. We are on the other side of 500,000 miles now and running like new. Their service is great. I highly recommend them to everyone. I do not go anywhere else. "

- Ron G.

"The best car care facility in Troup County, bar none. Probably the only automotive care facility with Two ASE master technicians on staff including all of the new car businesses. In fact Chance has been my car care technician for over 20 years. His shop is the only shop I let work in my truck or my wife's car. Period."

- John W.

"Great place! Friendly people! They will help in any way they can. 120% satisfied"

- Zack S.

"The best bar none! – I have been using other shops in our area and was never that happy, You see I felt as if I was over looked as a person and was not getting a full bang for my buck but the guy's at Williams Automotive were the BOMB I have never felt so good…"

- George S.

"Give free advice! – The technicians at Williams are very nice. We had a brake job done there and they treated us very well. They worked quickly and even told us how to fix our other car for free. Not many places do that!"

- Tiffany T.